Whitewater On the North Oregon Coast

What do retired teachers do for fun and enjoyment after three decades in the classroom?

A couple of weeks ago, my wife, Linda, and I went steelhead fishing with my son Chris O’Donnell, owner of River Runner Outfitters, and his fiancee on a north coast river. In fact, we went through a spot on a different river, but similar to what you’ll see in this short video (that’s Chris on the oars…his passenger is doing the filming). It’s only 27 seconds. Look for the boat — a dark spot — in the upper left quadrant of the frame. (It’s a 17′ McKenzie River drift boat, especially designed — evolved actually — for running rivers without power.)

Christopher and Cairn caught a steelhead apiece the day we all went. Linda and I will have to try again. (We release the wild ones. Hatchery fish, identified by a clipped adipose fin, are kept for the barbecue.)

Fishing In the Trees

For my friends who fly fish and those who would like to learn: Scott Richmond, author of Fishing Oregon’s Deschutes River, recently had this to say about a recent fishing trip with my son — and owner-operator of River Runner Outfitters on the Deschutes River in Oregon — Chris O’Donnell

Read about it and listen to the entertaining and enlightening audio that goes with Scott’s report. Makes me wish I was there!

North Oregon Coast Steelhead

Fly fishing for winter and spring steelhead in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the two-minute video I wanted to feature a few days ago. Watch Chris wield a 12.5 foot two-handed (Spey) fly rod, and listen to his comments (along with some cool music), in pursuit of Oregon’s premiere freshwater game fish. Naturally, all the wild ones are released.

Recovering from Family Vacation

Early Morning on the Williamson River

Early Morning on the Williamson River

I’ve been home now for a couple of days after two weeks of outdoor fun with my wife Linda, and son Chris. Activities included biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, and, of course, four full days of fly fishing for the blue-ribbon pride of the Williamson, redband trout. We had a total blast! (And Linda learned from Chris how to cast a trout fly rod.)

As a bonus, when we returned to Maupin, Chris took Linda and me out on the Lower Deschutes to spey cast for summer steelhead. Linda got her first lesson in fly fishing with a two-handed, 12’7″ fly rod, and she loved it.

Even using 50-weight sun block, I got the deepest red-brown tan I’ve ever had. It was a very hot week, but fortunately, the humidity is relatively low in that part of the country.

I’ll probably have more to say on the adventures, but for now, I really wanted to say “hi!” to all you wonderful educators who are either back for the new year, or are about to jump aboard.

Have a terrific year, y’all! 🙂