Happy Blog Birthday to The Science Goddess!

Better late than never, here’s wishing Happy 5th Blog Birthday to The Science Goddess of the provocative edublog What It’s Like On the Inside.

The Science Goddess once was a classroom teacher whose adventures in eduland made for humorous stories about the foibles of our stereotypical edutyrants and eduposeurs. Nowadays, with a doctorate about to be conferred, she often forces us to think of our grading and assessment practices that impact, sometimes with terrible irony, the success of our students in middle and high school.

The Science Goddess now works at the state level, but still finds time to share with us the fruits of her explorations into the frontiers of education as it may, and probably should be, in the next century.

Read The Science Goddess. Subscribe to her RSS feed. Your brain will thank you.

Doug Reeves on Toxic Grading Practices

Dr. Reeves entertains while he enlightens. Classroom assessment is his main topic, and that includes sound grading practices. Here’s an excerpt from a conference earlier this year in Ontario.

Next, read page 20-21 (The Case Against the Zero by Doug Reeves) in Reeves on Zero, Etc. .  (Scroll waaaay down to the title.)

Oh, don’t forget to peruse pages 16-19 on grading in general!

New Blog In Town

Reflecting on the Reflection of My Reflection

Notes From The School Psychologist
promises to fill a gap in our common pedagogical reflections. Rebecca Bell, Ph.D. blogs without a pseudonym, and offers insight and encouragement to us to see kids as vulnerable human beings who need our mentorship and caring rather than control and the always inequitable discipline that too many of us practice.

The world of a school psychologist is similar to a counselor’s and once or twice removed from a teacher’s, but all the reflections and anecdotes will enhance our vision of our profession.

Welcome to this little corner of the edublogosphere, Rebecca. I think you’ll find some folks you can talk to here.