Meta Blogging

Why do you blog? Why do I blog?

If you haven’t seen Stephen Pastis’s comic strip Pearls Before Swine in today’s daily paper, check it out. Rat’s rant about why most folks blog makes me a little uncomfortable, and I should be if I’m to remain alert and question my values and behavior while blogging and in other virtual interactions with my fellow beings, not to mention taking stock of my social behavior in the “real” world.

When we blog, do we consider how our behavior affects readers?

The Ethical Blogger is a relatively new cooperative venture that focuses on appropriate and inappropriate on-line behavior. I’ve added it to the blog roll because I intend to visit there often.

Theme by Elimination

To name this blog, I had to go through scores of iterations of names that related distantly to the theme I hope to embed in this blog. (Must be a hell of a lot of bloggers out there.)

I was fortunate enough to hit on one related to my theme of, not necessarily education reform, but education improvement, that was suggested by a fictional character I enjoy reading about — Repairman Jack, an invention of F. Paul Wilson. Jack, a non-descript guy who lives off the grid, fixes things for money or a future favor.

I live in the real world and offer ideas for free, or in hopes of hearing some critical feedback. Jack keeps score. I do not. Jack has style. Direct and to the point. Sometimes I’ll write that way, and sometimes I’ll meander.

While getting a grip on my own thinking, maybe you’ll get a grip on your’s as well. Maybe we can both make some repairs to public education as we move along.