The Thoughtful Teacher


I’m not just talking about me…I’m talking about you, too.

Let me know if the blog name change is too much, or whether it’s more in line with what I hope to achieve, which is exploring education topics that defy universal agreement, but demonstrate a commitment to caring and professionalism.

Why didn’t I call it The Reflective Teacher? I’m thinking that the word  “reflective” is overused jargon, don’t you? The ideal reading level for understanding and being understood is around eighth grade. That’s what newspapers shoot for, and I’m thinking they have a good idea.

12 thoughts on “The Thoughtful Teacher

  1. I like it. You are right about “reflective”, like you might describe a thinker not a doer. But “thoughtful” implies thinking but positive action, too.

    • Hey Miss A, good to hear from you!

      Thanks for the compliment. I just can’t believe how fast time is going by. So much to do!

      Have a super year…I’ll be reading your adventures! 🙂

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