Do We Really Need Grades?

generic_mapBack in the nineties, Tom Guskey said that grades were not necessary for learning to take place. As true as that is, folks still need a quick and dirty method for keeping track of achievement. My fond dream is for grades to become an invisible and non-threatening part of the background of assessment for learning (i.e., grading for learning).

Ken O’Connor sent me the following link. It shows how far the SBG movement has come, and that we not only have achieved a critical mass, but there are folks out there pushing the limits.

Apologies for the failure of the link. I registered on National Post, searched, and couldn’t find it.  I’ll do some more searching (08JUL2011).

One thought on “Do We Really Need Grades?

  1. Hi Hugh,

    Each time I read your and others comments on grades, I can’t help thinking about a short piece written by psychologist Carl Rogers. When I was in college in 1964 one of my professors gave me a mimeographed copy (which I still have) of Rogers’ article entitled: Personal Thoughts on Teaching and Learning. The article was written as an introduction to a conference of teachers that Rogers attended in 1952. I can say unequivocally that I have never read anything that has affected me more that this article.

    This link has a copy of the article plus a second one on education:

    I have been away from college a long time and I do not know if people are studying Carl Rogers these days; maybe we should be taking another look at his body of work.

    Did you know that he had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

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