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This guest post started as a reply to the Google Book Project post, but I thought I’d put it out here for anyone interested in school tech. –Hugh

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From Google Book Project Almost There!, 2008/11/03 at 9:00 AM


3 thoughts on “eSchool News

  1. Hi Hugh,

    I saw your comments on your Dad on the Jose Vilson page and was very pleased. All his students, from my teaching time in Levittown (’60-’63), voiced their positive feelings about the enrichment of his classes with his philosophical expression. His students and colleagues felt good about him. I’m sorry I lost touch with him.



    • Thanks for the kind words about my Dad, Bruno. Too bad we didn’t have the internet and email in the old days. Imagine how everyone could have stayed in touch.

      I’ll email you to say hello.

      Best regards,

      Hugh, Jr.

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