Amnesty for the Field Negro


The edgier section of my blog roll includes a formidable voice for justice, not just in the city of Philadelphia (my wife’s hometown), but in America and the world.

“The Field” as he is known to us all in the blogoshere, is currently at risk. He allowed his optimism about Barack Obama’s election to be overshadowed by his cynicism about the country in general, and bet that Obama would lose. In fact, he proclaimed that he would run down Broad Street in Philly in the buff if Obama won. Field is in a tough spot today.

Field’s heart is in the right place, but he was a reluctant believer. But because he became a believer before election night, I hereby proclaim amnesty for the Field Negro.

If you wish to join me in forgiving his cynicism because his heart is pure, please visit his site, then come back here and join me with a comment supporting this amnesty. Hell, he could get fired from his day job, and we don’t want that!

Photo from the Field Negro’s web site.


6 thoughts on “Amnesty for the Field Negro

  1. Thank for the “amnesty” Hugh! You are a good man, but I think I might still have to do it. 🙂

    I’d go 50 meters, tops, and have friends’ warmed up cars spaced about every ten yards. That way, when the lookouts you have posted whistle, you can jump into the nearest car and dive under a blanket. All this at about 3AM, with the entire operation taking no longer than 60 seconds.

    Good luck, Field! 😀 –Hugh

  2. Amnesty…Philadelphia does not sound like an appetizing place to run. He, himself, refers to it as killadelphia. If run he must, I still suggest Broad Street San Francisco.

  3. NO AMNESTY!!! A promise is a promise!!!!!!!

    And I wanna see video . . .

    I’m looking around for a button that will let me reject this comment, but I can’t find it!

    Oh, well, free speech prevails once again. Sorry Field. 😉 –Hugh

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