Taking My Medicine

I recant my intention to move lock, stock, and barrel over to Straight Talk. I was one of those ideas that seemed okay on the surface, but it didn’t survive four days of attempted implementation.

Frankly, the focus of Straight Talk is too narrow. The local folks who have it on RSS would tune out if I had too many discussions that were not directly relevant to what’s happening in Hillsboro, and other readers would tire of the local stuff. Tom Brandt was right. Two blogs it is.

My apologies for the false alarm. It’s embarrassing to have growing pains at my age! But I am significantly closer to being less bit-challenged. 😀

Big However: I did replace the stuffy links on Straight Talk with my home team. Some of those links will perk up the locals, eh? And I did unsubscribe to all “permission” Outlook emails (except the local weather) over these last four days!

I haven’t even visited my fly fishing forum recently, and I don’t feel like I’m missing much. My email’s in my profile, so I’m not unreachable to the fishing folks I know there.

So much for the personal drivel. I’m ready to take my medicine.

3 thoughts on “Taking My Medicine

  1. Gee, I’ll just keep the two RSS feeds I have. Better too much then too little.

    Speaking of too little, I got 8 pieces of campaign literature in the mail today. Next week I’ll be doing my Mail-in ballot in Oregon. I think I’ll post my votes on my blog later next week:


    Thanks to you, Hugh, I’ll make sure I vote “NO” on all the Sizemore initiatives .

    Thanks, Tom. And you were right about the two RSS feeds. 🙂 –Hugh

  2. I’m glad I didn’t have to go running after you! I like checking in here at RepairKit and will continue to do so. Maybe one day we’ll even meet face to face. I still haven’t completely rejected the idea of moving north!

    Thanks, CTG. Look forward to meeting ya. –Hugh

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