Happy Camper!

At our regular September 23rd meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hillsboro School District 1J (Oregon), we, upon the recommendation of the super Superintendent, officially removed policy JEDA from review, and consigned it to the new task force on grading for major repair, along with other grading-related policies that need to be philosophically adjusted to align with standards-based grading.

In our public work session prior to the regular meeting (that nobody, not even our lazy local press attends), I asked the supe if there is room on the task force for a board member. “Oh, yes,” he said, ” there’s room for three!” (BTW, we’ve had two regular monthly meetings since the school year began, we’re the fourth largest district in the state, and we can’t keep the press interested! Not even the Portland press. Are we doing that well?)

The formation of the SBG task force is further evidence that once a good idea catches on, it moves fast. Of course, starting that fire is like working with a bow drill and tinder. Ya gotta keep at it.

For all you Lone Rangers out there, I pray this offers hope. Folks just need to hear about it and think about it, and…funny how much sense it makes.

As I said earlier, I’m a happy camper. 🙂

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