Happy Birthday America!

Just finished Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revolution by A.J. Langguth. It’s a history of the American Revolution written by a journalist. Patriots reads like a novel, and Langguth provides insights into people and events that you won’t find in text books. It’s right up there on my list of favorites with Flexner’s one volume biography of George Washington, Washington: The Indispensable Man.

For cranky readers, let me remind you of something from Sir Winston Churchill:

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

My sis, the city councilor, had her annual parade party at her house on Main Street, and we’re doing a block barbecue party in my neighborhood in a couple of hours.

Happy 4th of July, folks. Let it sink in. 🙂

I’m also declaring my digital independence today — I’m declaring my independence to blog without regard to local social pressures, and at the same time reaffirming my intention to remain ethical, truthful, and transparent.

Scott McLeod has called for leadership affirmation of the value of digital power, and here’s a link to his blog and his post on the power of connectivity in education.

And here’s a final link to The Science Goddess’s post supporting Scott’s call.


One thought on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. The Churchill quote is priceless. I’ve read it before, and every time I read it I come away saying, “He’s right, he’s absolutely right!” Democracy isn’t perfect, but in this imperfect world, it’s about as close as we’re going to get to perfection. 🙂

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