Drop Out Reduction: Hillsboro’s a Winner!

Got some energizing news a couple of days ago…our school district is among those in the state with the lowest drop out rates for school year 2006-2007.

Our superintendent had this to say:

The good news about our District high school dropout rates will have a very positive impact on how our community views our schools. The statistics released this week can be interpreted in all kinds of ways, but the bottom line is that we have educators at our high schools who work very hard on the dropout problem and are seeing some success. The resources provided by the Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant have helped a lot, and we will continue some of the key work that the grant started (it ends this year).

Hillsboro School District 2.1%

Century High School 1.0%
Glencoe High School 1.2%
Hillsboro High School 1.5%
Liberty High School 2.4%
Miller Education Center 0.9% (alternative – 60 students, 4 teachers)

Washington County 2.8%
State of Oregon 4.4%

A complete report on dropout rates will be given at the April 22 Board meeting.

What’s it like in your district?


6 thoughts on “Drop Out Reduction: Hillsboro’s a Winner!

  1. Being in a private school this is not an issue; however, for the rest of Houston, it has been an issue — though not as bad as other larger cities such as LA, for example. The former superintendent for Houston Independent School District who not too long ago served as Sec. of Education and helped push Bush’s No Child Left Behind played with the numbers some. This might be why this under funded program is not working too well.

  2. IT SUCKS! It sucks, it sucks, it SUCKS!!! AUUUGH!!

    I could rant on this for hours. DAYS, maybe. I think our dropout rate is around 40%. It’s one of the few things I really, really HATE about our school.

    I do all that I know to do – I talk to students one-on-one, I try to get to know them as much as I can, I call home, I try to make sure that I get everyone included in the yearbook…


    It sucks. 😦

  3. Ouch, Clix. That has to hurt. We have a long way to go as a nation to make our dropout rates comparable to Edward’s!

    I’m planning a post on what we’ve done in Hillsboro, and it will include information on our partnership with the local police department. (We’re taking the “it takes a village” approach.)

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