Life Comin’ At Ya

Even though I feel like I’m singing in the shower a lot of the time, I know that I have edu-blogger friends who wonder, at some point during an extended abesence of one of our number, what the hell happened to “So and so?”

In Blog Writing 101, we all learn never to apologize for absences or lack of something worth blogging about, right? It’s boring to read, and we’re embarrassed for our previously absent friend who can’t think of anything to do but apologize for being off the air, or say, “hey, I’m here saying that I have nothing to say.”

I suppose it all boils down to priorities — if you have a lot of them, blogging may not always rise to the top. If blogging is a big priority, you’ll be there. But we have limits on us imposed by just that…priorities. Not time, but priorities. (If anyone says they don’t have time, what they really mean is, it ain’t important enough.)

I don’t have any more pressing matters to attend to than the average retiree, besides running a tutoring business, consulting with school districts, serving on the board of ed, keeping my wife happy by doing my household chores, maintaining social relationships, writing a series of special reports that may be bundled as a book, and finally, learning that, like managing money, managing health has to be a personal issue, not downloaded to the first available expert.

My personal philosophy for dealing with stress (some call it “worry”) is to immediately solve the problem and neutralize the challenge (that includes getting outside help), or, if it’s out of my control, “fugedaboudit.” Totally. I detest feelings of anxiety.

Life is good and I’m looking forward to sharing more thoughts on education, radical as they may be. Thanks for sticking with me!

7 thoughts on “Life Comin’ At Ya

  1. You gotta take care of YOU!

    That’s the truth, fer sure. Thanks for the support, RC.

    Mainly, don’t just nod your head when your primary care doc gives you the word from Mt. Olympus. Ask questions, follow up, assume that they will not do what they say with regard to test notifications, and then follow up some more. Ask questions. Ask a lot of questions.

    The best thing you can do is find a doc who can explain the biochemistry of what’s happening, for better or for worse, and see a specialist if you think your current primary care physician talks to you in sketchy terms. And make sure that you don’t fall through the proverbial cracks because their office follow up system sucks.

    Having said all that, it’s obvious I’ve learned some lessons, but I’m good, healthy, and ready to rock and roll (having fired my former PCP!). –Hugh 🙂

  2. Honestly, you have to do what you have to do. That’s how I see it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have lives, and we gotta go lead them. So blog when you get a chance, and when you don’t, we’ll understand.

    I appreciate that, Jose. It’s amazing how many excuses I put out there after saying excuses are whimpy!

    I feel a strong connection to you and the rest of my blog buds. That link is worth holding on to. –Hugh

  3. It’s great to have you back!!! Just like in real life I have veteran colleagues that can support me when I need it, I feel that you are my virtual veteran colleague. It’s a comforting feeling to know that you’re here.

    Thanks, FT. I am honored to be your virtual colleague. 🙂 –Hugh

  4. You are not alone in blogging less. I think life is just keeping us all pretty busy. I have many things to blog about–but often don’t have the energy to do so. Hope you are OK–health issues? The golden years are sometimes not so golden in that respect.

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