Both my school district and our nation have been going through some trials that involve leadership.

The school district enjoys excellent leadership under our superintendent, but we’re currently afflicted by leadership shortcomings of supposed civic partners in the task of educating our community’s children. And I don’t think I have to elaborate on our national leadership situation.

Which brings me to a couple of quotations I’m excited to share…

One of my favorite authors, whose work elevates the “thriller” to “real” literature (according to critics), placed a couple of quotations in the front of his latest book that absolutely rezzzzonate with me.

The first quote is one you’ve seen before on this blog, the second is from one of White’s regular characters, a bright and worldly uber-hippie with a deep spiritual bent.

Here ya go…

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

It’s easier to be a genuinely humane person if you can afford to hire your own personal son of a bitch. (S.M. Tomlinson)

That second one tickles my irony bone.


4 thoughts on “Resonance

  1. We have some serious leadership issues here, too. I don’t think that any district is immune (unfortunately). While I have often hoped that even though the direction a school or district might take is a matter of skills and vision, that the bottom line driving things is “What’s good for kids?” I don’t see that here anymore. It makes me really sad.

    What’s ironic for us is that the school district is in great shape and improving constantly, but our city government has the leadership crisis. — Hugh

  2. Hugh, can you comment specifically on the city government leadership crisis? Being somewhat of a newbie to the scene I would appreciate your input on this. (Or have you posted on this subject already?)

    On the quotes: you caused me to refresh my memory on Edmon Burke. He has lots of good quotes floating out there such as: No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

    I think if Burke had been an American his name would have been on the Declaration of Independence.

    As to the author Randy Wayne White, I would have to go through his 13 previous novels in this series before I reached the one you pictured above. When I have the opportunity I would rather read an author’s works in chronological order.

    Happy sunny day in Hillsboro,

    Tom, I’d be glad to share my opinions over lunch. City government (except for a short comment) is outside the scope of this blog.

    I share your opinion of Burke.

    And if you’d like to read the previous novels, I’ll be happy to loan them to you.

    BTW, what is that bright thing in the sky?? — Hugh

  3. I do want to be humane, so, tell me, Hugh: Where can I find my own personal S.O.B.? 🙂

    Well, for teachers, I suppose, it’s the vice-principal aka Dean of Students. If they haven’t got the sand, you’ve gotta enlist a parent or guardian. And Dick Cheney’s gonna be looking for a job in the not too distant future. 😉

    For my purposes (reflecting on local civic and education politics), Tomlinson’s words would be more like “It’s easier to appear to be a genuinely humane person…”
    🙂 — Hugh

  4. Burke’s quote is really beautiful. I am thinking about the qualities of leadership today, after another challenging day. I decided to check if all is well with you and found this post. Thanks!

    All is well, but nothing is taken for granted!

    Good to see you, FT. 🙂 — Hugh

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