Not Just For Podcasts

Part of my profile talks mentions the phrase “digital immigrants.” You’re looking at a Christmas present I got from my dearest wife. The latest stamp on my tech passport.

As Christmas drew near and she tired of hearing me say that I’d love a new Toyota Tundra, or desktop or laptop computer under the tree, I suddenly realized that podcasts had me trapped at my desk, listening to my computer, which is not really meant to function as a podcast receptor. Not mobile at all.

Hey, I said, how about an iPod Nano? Something small, low memory (how much do podcasts need?), with no moving parts. I’ll get mobile, use travel and wait time productively, and proceed a little further down the digital immigrant road!

Well, the Nano came with 8 gigs of memory. That’s a bunch. I thought the screen was for alpha-numeric display, but NO! It’s HDTV or something. And I can access video podcasts. Unbelievable. I downloaded and watched a NY Times Tech segment on mid-range digital cameras. Then I imported a file of fly fishing photos my son took of our trip to the Green River in Utah. Wow.

And I discovered the truly seductive aspect of this little demon device: music.

Yes, I’ve been away from the blog for a while doing year end books for two businesses, board work, preparing for the first Hillsboro Ski Club four-week session that starts Saturday, but I have to admit that I also spent two full days climbing the iPod learning curve and a lot more time trying to fill its memory.

But the music…transfer your digital files in any order and the device sorts the tunes by playlist, genre, composer, album, artist…you name it. I even flip through album covers if I want to access my tunes.

And I bought a little stand that sits on top of my wife’s JVC stereo set-up. The little stand plays the iPod through our receiver and speakers. Double wow. It’s like a fourth machine, but it’s not as big as a post-it note.

And I’m loving the Bob Marley (Three Little Birds, so sad if you saw I Am Legend), The Grateful Dead, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, 1812 Overture, Frank Sinatra, and on and on. (I’ll bet my wife never thought about the iTunes bill — at least I can cherry pick tunes, and I didn’t duplicate what we have on CDs!) 😉

Oh yes, I downloaded and subscribed to a bunch of podcasts. They’re free at iTunes and all over the net. My next task is to figure out Feedburner, so I can use it to get podcasts also.

Don’t worry…about a thing…’cause every little thing’s…gonna be alright. (Bob Marley)


9 thoughts on “Not Just For Podcasts

  1. I’m techno ignoranat – how do you get the podcasts to download. I have a nano – have you been able to get movies downloaded? Luckily, we have unlimited downloads at our site so I don’t have to pay for anything. That’s great since all four of us have mp3’s.

    To download a podcast from iTunes, it’s just like getting a song. Click and then sync the iPod with the iTunes program after checking the little box that indicates you want the podcast that’s now on the hard drive of you computer to go to your iPod.

    As for getting podcasts from other sources synched…haven’t figured that out yet, but when I’m done with QuickBooks and TurboTax, I’ll be looking at the podcasting sites in my sidebar for clues, as well as using Google. No movies yet.

    There’s also the online instruction manual if you’re really desperate. It’s free, but I’d rather have a print edition for reference.

    What site gives unlimited downloads, by the way? My wife would like me to tune into something like that! — Hugh

  2. Lovely, lovely things! I bought a red nano for a friend at Christmas and salivated all over it, even though I have the (now old) iPod video and the 4 gig iPhone. What color is yours???

    Happy nano days to you!

    Mine looks just like the picture above, without Zoolander! My wife got $30 off at the local Fred Meyer. We found out about the significance of the red ones after visiting the Apple website later.

    I hear the phones are something else. 🙂 — Hugh

  3. I have wanted one, but would like to run with it, and am afraid it’s too fragile. I run often in the rain(obviously in WA) so a running radio is better for me. Plus, my daughter already buys enough songs for her Nano! She always gets I-tunes cards for Christmas and her birthday. It sounds like you are enjoying yourself!!

    For sure, I’m enjoying myself. It’s like back in the day when you could buy 45rpm singles! Cherry pick the favorites.

    BTW, Belkin makes a running sleeve that hugs the iPod and goes around your arm. $25 approx. The iPod itself isn’t that fragile, believe it or not. No moving parts.

    As I type, I’m listening to the original Broadway play recording of Camelot. I was a teenager in NY, but never caught the show. 🙂 — Hugh

  4. That’s a cool gift, RP.

    I spent the better part of this past weekend learning how to podcast, i.e. create a podcast. It’s easier than I thought. The next step is purchasing a mike. In my reading, I discovered that an external mike helps to eliminate the background noise one picks up from the internal computer mike. Didn’t know that before recording a vocab. list for my students. Kept wondering, “Where is all that noise coming from?”

    Anyway, enjoy!

    You’re ahead of me, MissProfe! That’s really cool that you’re learning how to do the recording and make it benefit your students! 🙂 — Hugh

  5. What a great gift!
    We are technologically underdeveloped, that is, we are still using a walkman with CASSETTES 🙂 It must be really great to understand the gadget that today’s students are so addicted to.

    Sometimes I struggle to understand what the fuss is about when a new gadget comes out, but I think, in this case, it boils down to the idea that, although the device doesn’t do anything new, it does many useful things quickly and easily, and is very small, no moving parts, and easy to operate.

    The only problem I see is that we soon lose our sense of wonder and amazement and start to take these little gems for granted. — Hugh

  6. I LOVE my iPod Nano! This is my second one – the first one broke. There is nothing better for walking across campus and zoning out all the noise in the library.

    I record lectures and load ’em onto my iPod and listen to them again when I’m walking and driving, etc.

    iPods are awesome. I can’t even imagine how we existed as a society without them! Just joking.

    Welcome to the iPod family Hugh!

    Thanks, Eric. I’d be interested to know how you record those lectures and get them into your Nano!
    — Hugh

  7. I really thought I commented on this. I got my girl an iPod nano for her birthday; maybe if I learn how to podcast, she can hear my voice as often as she likes! HA! How vain am I?!

    I don’t know about vain, but family and other loved ones might appreciate an oral letter. If we read and re-read letters, might we not replay podcasts? You may be on to something, Jose.

    — Hugh

  8. wussup my man.. how are you? long time.. happy new year.. i thought i am legend was a great movie. i have to go see it again though, because the people i saw it with didn’t get it and thought the movie was ‘funny’ and had to let the whollleeee theater know! they walked out, talking- that movie was stupid.. i will wait for netflix so i can see it in the comfort of my home! how’s everything going w/ u? did you see the great debaters?

    Will Smith did a great job in I Am Legend. The movie is somewhat different from the book (novella, really), which is set in 1975 (written in 1954). I wasn’t allowed to read it when it was first published, but by the time I was 12, I stumbled on my Dad’s copy and read the sucker (no pun intended). The book is a classic.

    Back to the movie…I listen to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds on my iPod every time I use it. That tune was so ironic in the movie. (“Don’t worry…about a thing…” NOT!)

    Haven’t seen the Great Debaters, but my wife took her Mom to see it over the holidays — girl time. They gave it a great review and I’ll watch it on DVD.

    Glad to see you out and about in the edusphere! I’ve had my nose in bookkeeping/tax programs and I’ve got tunnel vision till the project is finished. — Hugh

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