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Lizzie of The Music Teacher is back on the air. Lizzie writes clear and sensitive messages about education in The Philippines. Pay her a visit and say, “Welcome back!”

The Exhausted Intern, who writes some great stuff about curriculum and instruction, after discovering that there are no administrative intern blogs (that she could find), decided to write one. She says now that she understands the dearth of those blogs, and you can check out the entire fun-filled post here.

The Exhausted Intern also got a taste of emergency operations while reuniting kids with their parents after the flooding up north caused by the unnamed double-duty tropical storm that inundated the Pacific Northwest.

Hats off, EI! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blog Writer News

  1. Whoa!

    I was thrilled to find out that you are now on wordpress and rushed here to welcome you. Then I see myself and thought I was back in my own blog. LOL! Thank you for the welcome, the encouragement, and the support, Hugh.

    Jose’s comment cracked me up. “geezus” — LOL! It’s nice to be wanted back, though. Thank you, guys! 😀

    aka almacabel

    You’re welcome, Lizzie. I’m looking forward to reading The Music Teacher.
    🙂 — Hugh

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