Meta Blogging

Why do you blog? Why do I blog?

If you haven’t seen Stephen Pastis’s comic strip Pearls Before Swine in today’s daily paper, check it out. Rat’s rant about why most folks blog makes me a little uncomfortable, and I should be if I’m to remain alert and question my values and behavior while blogging and in other virtual interactions with my fellow beings, not to mention taking stock of my social behavior in the “real” world.

When we blog, do we consider how our behavior affects readers?

The Ethical Blogger is a relatively new cooperative venture that focuses on appropriate and inappropriate on-line behavior. I’ve added it to the blog roll because I intend to visit there often.


6 thoughts on “Meta Blogging

  1. I blog because writing is therapeutic, and the fact the fact that people read what I REALLY think and respond to it – makes me keep blogging. I am certainly not always this upfront in “real life” – not about my REAL thoughts.

    I share your motivation, Lisa. Also, for me, putting words to “paper” that will be read by others forces me to clarify my thinking, and therefore, my writing. — Hugh

  2. Congratualtions on your new blog! I love the new template.

    I blog because it relaxes me. It helps me to reflect on the past day or week, and since I love writing that’s the format I chose.

    Thanks, FT! Reflection is a big one for me, too. — Hugh

  3. Blogging is my way to talk about my life, release frustrations, rejoice in successes and keep close to lots of people that I admire and value, but have never met face to face!

  4. I blog for many of the reasons previously posted. And, I make great blogfriends like you, RM!:)

    Welcome to Word Press! I was wondering when you would come along.

    Thanks, and thanks, Miss Profe! BTW, I love your avatar. (How come I haven’t noticed it before?) I grew up with Pooh Bear. — Hugh

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