Luann — Unintended Irony?

Mrs. Chili said… (In response to this post by DrPezz…)

Dear God/dess, I hope you’re right about standardized testing. I feel as though the pendulum of idiocy has swung SO far that, really, the only way to GO is back.

I was listening to NPR the other day – they were talking about standardized testing – and one teacher (or maybe it was a vice principal) said, and I’m pretty much quoting here, that “we teach them how to pass the tests and hope that somewhere along the way a little real learning gets in.” [Italics mine — Hugh]

Tell me exactly HOW that serves our kids – and our future???

November 5, 2007 4:50 AM

We’ve gotta fix this mess.


2 thoughts on “Luann — Unintended Irony?

  1. On Wednesday I was sitting in our Department meeting when our “esteemed” department chair actually said something that none of us could believe. He actually stated that in order to make sure that our students were successful on the District test, we needed to make sure we were using the language from the textbook only. This is because the district uses Holt assessment tests so that if we don’t use that language then we are setting them up for failure.

    I was dumbstruck.

  2. I share your dumbstruckedness. :O

    And I appreciate you mentioning this perversion of the learning process.

    Anyone care to comment?

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