Technorati Recency Widget Useless

Preface: Blogger is having some problems. I just published the first iteration of this post and it went into the ether — gone. The photo uploader isn’t working at all.

Photo Uploading Unavailable

Blogger photo uploading is currently down. Our engineers are working on the situation.

I have to wonder if I’m being punished for 86ing the Technorati widget that supposedly keeps track of the “freshness” of your favorite blogs. It doesn’t work. At this moment, at least three blogs I read regularly are listed as “stale.” Or not fresh. Whatever. Those three blogs have posted in the last 24 hours and therefore the widget is useless. I’ll leave is on board until tomorrow so you can see what I’m talking about. (Scroll way down.)

In fact, keeping Technorati “fresh” is a bother too. If you’re currently on my blogroll, consider yourself a “favorite,” please. I’m no longer bothering with Technorati, unless I encounter a plea to “Fave This Blog” when I visit (then I’ll punch that button for good luck). When technology demands more time than it saves or returns in benefits, I say, “adios!”

PS: I think photo uploader just got back. I’ll post a pic.

3 thoughts on “Technorati Recency Widget Useless

  1. Thanks for adding me to the questionable technorati widget anyway, I am honored! I like the drawing that goes with this post, did you make it yourself?

  2. I tried several times last night to upload a photo for my latest post and kept getting the same message that you did. I finally settled for posting my words…unadorned.

  3. I know little about technorati and nothing about widgets. Blogging is hard enough without any added potential technological glitches. I seem to attract those problems like honey to bees!

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