The End of Bristol Bay’s Salmon?

Back in August, Scott Elias of Dare I Disturb the Universe, reminded us that today is Blog Action Day, and the theme is “Environment.” After global warming, this horror story rings my chimes.

The greatest wild salmon runs on the planet — Bristol Bay in Alaska — are in danger of being poisoned by the Pebble Creek mining operation poised to begin operations in a matter of months.

Watch the video, read what this usually conservative blogger has to say about it, then look around on the net and do whatever you can to bring this travesty to a halt. (I’m not a conservative, nor am I a liberal. Moderate Populist describes my POV.)

One thought on “The End of Bristol Bay’s Salmon?

  1. Yeah I posted for Blog Action Day, too, but you know me. I’m slightly to the left of things :: shakes head:: Interesting post, though …

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