"Can We Keep ‘er Dad?"

I began this blog as an experiment, knowing nothing of the edusphere or the amazing opportunities for collaboration that can occur on your own time. Although I used a pseudonym, a local person who knows a little about me could have (an some apparently did) follow the bread crumbs to my secret identity.

Why secret? Well, if I somehow managed to create a mess, I thought I could just vanish the blog and forget about it. But of course, the internet never forgets. So I kept it simple, sane, suitable for general audiences, and responsibly critical.

Since I’m retired (and elected), nobody can fire me, and I don’t have to put up with any bozos who might try to restrict my first amendment rights. So I asked myself, shall we keep the blog? The answer is yes. The connections, collaborations, and insights shared have been great, so Repairman becomes yours truly, Hugh O’Donnell.

For those of your with Blogger platforms, my “comments” nom de plume will automatically change. For you WordPress folks, I’ll sign in all over again.

Funny, I do feel the freedom!

12 thoughts on “"Can We Keep ‘er Dad?"

  1. Dear Mr O’Donnell,
    It’s an honour to meet you! I will have to get used to not calling you repairman anymore. Who knows, maybe I will. To me, Repairman was the mentor of all edubloggers, always there with good advise and encouragement. In a strange way I will miss your virtual identity.

  2. Welcome to the realm of the identifiable!

    It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? I think I’d go nuts if I tried to remain completely anonymous.

  3. Hey Hugh! I’m glad you finally came out of the closet! lol 😉

    Just a short note: I like your idea about the use of espionage during the Industrial Revolution. I’m gonna try to find some time to look into that and maybe post something on it later. Not being a fan of the Industrial Revolution or its effects, I’m not that educated on it.

    But thanks for the suggestion!

  4. FT, I appreciate you compliments, but to be honest, I feel mentored by all of you whom I read and appreciate.

    I do have an undeniable urge to help people excel and to ease suffering. That’s what got me into law enforcement briefly, and then education. If I’ve been helpful, that’s a reward in itself.

    Matthew, Eric, I am out here with you guys, although I never felt completely insulated even as Repairman.

    Come to think of it, I think I’ll hang on to the handle just for old time’s sake. 😉

  5. what up yo- i got a new post up. a lil controversial, i suppose. i didn’t even think twice about its relevance and significance. i dont know whether to laugh or cry w/ frustration>>

  6. Hey NYC, I read your post and I feel your frustration. Jose spoke for me and I affirmed that on your blog.

    Hang tough. You really are in a position to be an angel for lots of kids. Don’t be deterred by anyone who isn’t up to your standards.

    Hugh aka Repairman

  7. Dude, that’s great. I’m glad you came out and did what you needed to. I didn’t care much about my position or anything to use my whole name, but i had been using another name for so long that i got tired of caring. in any case, congrats, and calling you mr. o’donnell will definitely be weird over the blog …

  8. Thanks for the support, Jose. You and FT need to call me “Hugh,” though, or I’m the one who’s gonna feel weird! 😉

    BTW, I enjoyed reading your latest posts and the new, new skin is easy on the eyes.

  9. yo hugh- you blog with so much ease and honesty. im feeling your style. thanks for your response to my post by the way. the post and the comments had me contemplating a lot today. it was good though. but im glad i still got support from folks like you and jose. and i value what yall got to say.


  10. All I have to say is Welcome Out! Sorry I haven’t been by lately, one word – MIDTERMS. I have 2 left!!!

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