In and Out of Here

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be in and out of here, travelling back and forth over some significant distances both for business and professional development consulting in “grading for learning.”

I was over in the River Canyon for the past two days, and needless to say, I’m in another world over there. In a good sense!

We’re going to get further into brain-friendly learning techniques (just getting warmed up!), brain-friendly teaching techniques (I can’t wait to tell you about the Vice Principal who screamed at me in the doorway of my in-session eighth grade history class because they objected to one of my brain-friendly policies that became school protocol the following year), and grading for learning. The VP story is a something else, worth a post all by itself.

Just have to fit all that in when my brain can breakaway from travelling, planning, and lesson plan and Power Point (interactive!) revision! (That’s what I get for being a single-track, stereotypical male, eh?)


9 thoughts on “In and Out of Here

  1. Interactive PowerPoint? Awesome. 🙂

    Have fun on your journey. You’ll be up in my bmom’s neck of the woods. She’s retired from education—otherwise, I’d send her over to you.

  2. You have the most beautiful pictures! Good luck w/ the travels. It’s starting to cool down here, in the deepest pits of hell, so hopefully by next month we will be able to camp. I love it!

  3. I hope you will have some time for brainfriendly fly-fishing 🙂 Enjoy the trips! If the scenery on your travels matches the pictures you post, I truly envy you!

  4. yo- you gotta tell me more about these brain friendly lessons and exercises.. teaching special ed students in an inclusion classroom could really use some brain friendly work- NO DOUBT!!

  5. Stephanie, FT, thanks for the compliments on the pix. All photo credit to my son and the gorgeous county we live in.

    NYC, I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I feel you on the need. (I’m up to my rear end in alligators and no one’s draining the swamp.)

    Until I can get back on the keyboard with more time, here are two of my favorite resources for brain-friendly learning techniques:

    Harry Lorayne has written many books on memory improvement, aka mnemonics. Some directed at students. Check Amazon.

    The other is Tony Buzan’s “Use Both Sides of Your Brain.” It’s the first mind-mapping book. Pure gold.

    We’ll talk more about it for sure, but I have to get through the next two weeks. Good weeks, but very consuming of time and energy.

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