Learning How to Show Appreciation

Oh man, I’m feeling guilt and peer pressure all at the same time.

Eric Turner, who writes Secondhand Thoughts, has begun a unique tradition as a highlighter of promising nascent education blogs from the point of view of a seasoned, highly trained soldier who is on his way to becoming a great history teacher.

Because I’m an inherently modest guy, I put Eric’s “badge” down near the bottom of my sidebar, just above my profile.

Now that I’ve read Matthew Tabor’s appreciation post and how Eric’s criteria parallel Matthew’s blog blueprint, I feel that I have done Eric a disservice, and I am forthwith moving my Wednesday Website Award to the top of my sidebar where it belongs, to show my appreciation for him and his work.

I owe the same kind of apology and thanks to Scott McLeod who writes Dangerously Irrelevant, and who appreciates reading coherent comments on blog posts and found a way to give an “attaboy” or “attagirl” to the blogger who holds up his or her end of a conversation.

Again, thank you Eric and Scott!

BTW, Eric, Matthew, and Scott can be found daily on my blogroll.


3 thoughts on “Learning How to Show Appreciation

  1. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the badge is so attractive and well-designed – that helps make it easy to display prominently. All around a wonderful thing.

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