Underage Drinking Starts Before Adolescence…

…is the headline of a recent Science Daily article.

The lead:

“A review of national and statewide surveys conducted over the last 15 years shows that among typical 4th graders, 10% have already had more than a sip of alcohol and 7% have had a drink in the past year. While the numbers are small in the fourth grade, the surveys show that the percent of children who have used alcohol increases with age, and doubles between grades four and six. The largest jump in rates occurs between grades five and six,” according to John E. Donovan, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.”

The article includes a brief review of statistics relating to drinking behaviors for older children and teenagers, as well as links to predisposition for illicit drug use.

Granted we’re not talking about fourth graders hosting wild parties, but it seems we can play a part in getting the word out to parents, wouldn’t you say?

Is there a market yet for childproof refrigerators/wine racks/liquor cabinets?


One thought on “Underage Drinking Starts Before Adolescence…

  1. How do they get their hands(lips?) on it? It is difficult to believe that kids that age would want to drink. But I know I’m naive.

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