Weekend Diversion

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video (just learned how to post these today!) that non-verbally sets the stage for the mission of a not-for-profit organization I helped found to combat the growing exclusion of recreationists from their rights to be on our state waters. Note the fences across the waters near the end.

While you’re watching the video and learning the variety of waters in my state, I’ll be organizing my study, straightening the house, doing the dishes, and every thing else I need to do to properly welcome my wife home from the east coast tomorrow!

The live action shots and white water stills are from the River Canyon. I love it there. Beauty and adventure, with peace of mind to boot.

The young man rowing the drift boat and wearing an orange PFD (a little past midway in the video) is the author of my featured fly fishing reports and the man behind the camera for many of the photos on the blog. Most of you have probably also figured out that he’s my son. 😉

Here goes…


4 thoughts on “Weekend Diversion

  1. Excellent video! Makes one almost want to come to Oregon to teach and live.

    Reading that and watching that one would almost figure that there’s a proud dad somewhere in Oregon!


  2. The music and photos are beautiful, but what is a drift boat? A PFD? I think I saw a handsome young man in orange rowing a bit past the halfway point. Was that him? I do love OR, almost as much as I do WA.(I prefer to pump my own gas though)

  3. Eric, show it to your wife, get her on board! 🙂

    Margaret, there’s a picture (for now) of a drift boat at the top of my sidebar just over the fly fishing reports link. That one is a “guide model,” 17’x54″ (beam — width — measured at the floor). It’s made of heavy gauge aluminum, with flared sides, bow, and stern for rough water navigation (you stay drier than if you were in a raft).

    You drift down the river in it, avoiding obstacles and hazards with the oars, which are 9′ long. No motor sounds or fumes. Dee-lightful!

    A PFD is a “personal flotation device.” A life jacket. We always wear them in rough water as a safety precaution.

  4. You live in such a beautiful place. It seems so peaceful. I live in a concrete jungle so far away from nature and water. I’m really happy for you. 😀

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