File Under "This Could Never Happen Here!"

I just got a last minute invitation to dinner (fresh sockeye salmon, no less) from my sister. Second day in a row. Yesterday was New York steak!

I’m doing the bachelor thing for about another week. My wife, who spoils me as a matter of course, is visiting her family on the east coast. My sis is entertaining old friends from the east coast here in town. Apparently these circumstances have a canceling effect on my lack of opportunities to eat well!

But my opportunities to get on with the grading posts and comments have to wait another day, because I’m heading out the door.

Let me leave you with this question: How would you feel if your child’s school was adjacent to an old bombing site where unexploded bombs were recently found?

From the Orlando Sentinel…


10 thoughts on “File Under "This Could Never Happen Here!"

  1. Salmon is one of my favorite things about the Pac NW! I wouldn’t feel very good about possible radioactivity. However, I had one of my children on Vioxx for cramps, another one has suffered all sorts of injuries as a gymnast. So, it makes me a bit of a fatalist.

  2. … I’d be happy as hell they didn’t go off yet, and then I’d get mad …

    We here in NYC lived in schools with asbestos-laced walls, so the bomb was actually part of the building. Imagine that.

    Nice and short post …

  3. We have a few of those schools too. If you don’t mind, I’m going to steal that line about the bomb being part of the building. 😉

  4. In Europe many areas contain unexploded bombs from WWII. It’s not really dangerous, unless you start dinging to build something new. So once the school is there, I agree the asbestos is much worse! Your post made me feel like teriyaki salmon…

  5. That is scary. Fortunately here, I haven’t heard of unexploded bombs getting discovered near our schools, despite some being in the vicinity where rebels are located.

  6. Great post! I don’t think I would be hugely concerned until the magnetic tests came back. Hard to say not being in that situation. Kids have so much to worry about in schools today, it’s a shame that they have to worry about exploding bombs & contamination.

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