How About Zero Tolerance for Stupid Administrators? The Sequel

Originally published July 20, 2007

Ten days after my first post on the scandalous disciplinary treatment of a sixth grader in the Katy School District (Texas) vs. Shelby Sendelbach graffiti case, we finally have some good news. About Shelby’s fate, anyway (she’s not expelled for four months or going to alternative school). As for the Katy School District superintendent, well, the news is not so hot. These quotes from different stories in the Houston Chronicle came after the public outcry.
During Frailey’s first week on the job, he was thrust into a position that required him to study state law to determine if the district could allow leeway in the decision. [Italics mine](Link)

“They pledged that in the next session they [the Texas legislature] will work to get this clarified,” Katy Superintendent Alton Frailey said. “We hope to have some clarification and maybe some options in some areas.” (Link)
Frailey is the Katy SD superintendent hired by the board to run the district and handle difficult matters appropriately, not make excuses. Newbie or not, he should not have made a decision like this without having researched the law(s) thoroughly, with the help of his school attorney. Disciplinary sanctions for Shelby should have been applied with a sense of advocacy for school kids and some “common sense.”

If I were on his board and read the above quotes that were generated after the fact, I’d be sooo disappointed. In fact, I’d be bracing for a lawsuit.

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