Adios, SnapShots

After having read Joel’s thoughts about tightening up a blog on So You Want to Teach, I decided, as Joel did, that I could do without SnapShots, the link preview software. To be honest, the instant preview windows were beginning to annoy me even before I read what Joel had to say. It’s hard to read with concentration when little windows are going pop! pop! and covering up words the reader needs to make sense out of the thoughts generated by the writer.

Interestingly, SnapShots comes standard with a free blog site. I suppose you can disable the feature, like I did here, by clicking on the little window’s upper right icons and choosing “disable.”

I could go back to SnapShots, who knows. I love widgets if they really function well and serve my needs, but right now, my blog screen seems to be a calmer place. And after saying all this, they probably won’t have me back!


One thought on “Adios, SnapShots

  1. I did away with snapshots for the same reason you did. When I first saw them on other blogs I thought to myself, “hey, that’s cool!” So I put it on my blog and eventually it just annoyed me to no end!

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