Trimming the Blogroll

Once again I could be full of beans, but after an entire five weeks or so of blogging, the novelty off adding new and different blogs to the roll is wearing off.

So, I’ve trimmed the roll. I’ve eliminated blog directories (except for the Aussies — haven’t fully explored there), commercial blogs, and bloggers who don’t converse. I’m sticking with the folks whose writing I admire and whose thoughts bring a smile or provoke my thinking. That way, it seems to me, the conversation flows more evenly and fruitfully.

See you out there!


11 thoughts on “Trimming the Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I am very much looking forward to actually teaching. These next three years can not go by fast enough.

    And I’m glad I made your blogroll cut!

  2. Hi, repairman,

    Well, conversely, I continue to *add* to my blogroll, because I continue to encounter interesing folks like you!

    I hear you, though; I did in fact do some purging myself of my own blogroll not too long ago.

    BTW: I not only appreciate your comments on others’ blogs, but I appreciate your wisdom and insight and common-sense approach.

  3. After I hit the hay last night, I thought about this blogroll post and what a jerk I must sound like. (“The Snob Blogger from the Wild West.”)

    “Shoulda just done it and kept my mouth shut,” I said to myself.

    This is the last time I’ll be mentioning the subject, unless it’s in some general post for newbies (after I’m not a newbie anymore and I have acquired the blogging wisdom of, say, The Science Goddess on “What It’s Like on the Inside”).

    Anyway, I do prize reciprocity and I’m glad to have you aboard, Eric!

  4. Miss Profe, you bring up an interesting point, one that I subscribe to, but didn’t mention.

    Adding to the blogroll contributes to “cross-pollination” of conversations (if that’s the right word), and in that way is valuable.

    I have enjoyed skipping through the blogrolls of sites I read and…neglecting a lot of other stuff I should be doing!

    I may really have been full of beans to think I should just restrict my roll to sites I could read daily.

    In any case, thanks for bring the idea to the forefront!

  5. Maybe I shouldn’t say this because I want to do it, but I’d like to see someone moderate a discussion with a demographic representation (or good cross-section) of the edublogsphere) on various issues where each representative member provides input to the discussion.

    I visualize the old show on PBS entitled “Ethics in America” with Arthur Miller as moderator or Charles Oglethorpe as moderator. It was a great show I use to watch when I was a kid – if I remember right. I recall it being on in the 70s, but I suppose it may have been the 80s (when I wasn’t a kid).

    It was a great show that set up a situation and it had various VIPs as guests and they would roleplay the situation out.

    I say all that to say this: I enjoy hunting down semi-new blogs (3 mths to 12 mths old) and watching the blog grow. I think the new bloggers could possibly do just something like I speak of.

  6. Sounds like a great idea, Eric. The cool thing about this medium is the “long tail” effect. (Warlick explains the “long tail” in his book, Classroom Blogging.) There would be plenty of participation, I think, because there are so many niches in the blogging universe.

    I’ll look forward to hearing about the development of your idea.

  7. Thanks for the recognition, repairman! I’ve enjoyed your comments on the Science Goddess’ Blog, and plan to be back for more visits to RepairKit. Looking forward to continuing our conversations about standards-based grading.

  8. Welcome back, Steph! I’m glad you didn’t abandon your blog after the class was over. I had thought you might be off the airwaves (bandwaves?).

    Keep you oar in the blogwater. I hope to hear how things go while you’re on your way to your career.

  9. When I started blogging in January ’06, I had the grandiose idea that I would keep my blogroll current. But it didn’t happen. It was more important to me to leave comments than to keep the blogroll updated. That’s still my practice. My blogroll is a shambles! LOL

  10. I had some people ask me why they weren’t on my blogroll when they had linked to me. I quickly added them; I didn’t want to seem rude.

    I peruse a lot but won’t leave a comment unless I can ask or contribute something. Being on the cusp of the education community (as an educational tour designer), I am learning a lot from blogs like yours.

    But the blogroll also reflects one’s own interests and I add a lot of resource sites.

    Recently I did put out an SOS to help me provide a box as they have become too long. EHT replied and I shall endeavor to stuff them into a more manageable and space-saving widget.

    Good luck!

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