Great Book/New Way to Publish

Just a quick note on a laid-back Sunday…

Yesterday, in the mail, I received David Warlick’s book Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to Blogs, Wikis, & Other Tools that are Shaping a New Information Landscape (2nd Edition).

Being a newbie in this arena, I skipped around the book, vacuuming up tidbits that seemed immediately relevant to my blogging needs, and some that confirmed that I am somewhat on track. I’m happy to say, there’s still a lot more to read and absorb.

This isn’t a book review, so much as an expression of excitement. Both to get the information from a well-regarded authority, and to get it in a form that is so “cutting edge”…a book.

But, mine is a copy of the book that didn’t physically exist two weeks ago. Before that time, I imagine, it was just code stored in a server at Lulu, a partial roll of page paper, and a couple of linear feet of cover stock. This is a “print-on-demand” book. My first ever.

Ordering from was like ordering from Amazon, but with different titles. This is a self-publishing facilitator, as well as a web retailer. The book was $20.95, just a few cents more than the 1st edition currently being sold on Amazon. (Warlick says edition 2.0 will be available there soon, but why wait? It will be the same price, and Lulu doesn’t charge as much for shipping.)

The book arrived just three business days after they emailed me that it was in transit. From the time I ordered to the reception of the email was not more that three or four days.

The book arrived in a standard cardboard book jacket that featured extra cardboard top and bottom, and it was carefully wrapped in a piece of foam sheeting that insured perfect condition upon arrival.

I was impressed, and you will be too if this is your first experience with Lulu.

Authors need to check Lulu out as well. What a deal! When I’m ready, they’ll be my first choice of publishers.

(Image credit to David Warlick on 2 Cents Worth.)


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