Doing This Right

After taking some lessons from an experienced and, I have found, widely known edublogger, and while I’m awaiting delivery of David Warlick’s book on blogging in and for education, I’ve been reflecting on my contribution to the edusphere.

Learning about the platform (Blogger), surfing domestic and international edublogs, and reading postings, publications, and news articles has taken an enormous bite out of my daily schedule. And I promised myself that I would post daily, like a serious blogger. A bigger bite yet.

I’m not sure what a serious blogger is. I know I’m serious about education, but to be realistic about the value of contributions I might make here, I have to think quality over quantity.

Having broken my streak (albeit, not a long one), my goal is to post at least a couple of times weekly on the aspects of education that are most compelling to me and may provide some value to other educators. I’m speaking of educational leadership from a board member’s perspective, student achievement from a teacher’s point of view, and all the issues that relate to these topics. (Grading for learning, also referred to as grading linked to standards, is a paramount concern of mine.)

I may get off topic now and then, but at least I won’t be straining to fill the date on the top of the post with words that may easily be passed by.

Before I let go of these thoughts, let me say that a commitment to blogging forces me to clarify my thinking, gain practice in writing coherently, and practice communicating my thoughts and ideas to an audience, even if it is an audience of one (but it’s public, after all). I enjoy it mightily, but don’t want to mess up a good thing.


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