Does Everyone Know This Stuff?

I’m not easily aroused to a state of anxiety, but I can see a cloud looming on the metaphoric horizon.

Our district Information Services (IT in the rest of the world) executive director and I had lunch a couple of days ago and discussed everything from simplifying (and making more meaningful) monthly departmental reports to the board, to blogs and wikis for school execs, teachers, and students. I was looking for an idea of where we are going with educational technology, and as always, my focus is on instruction. In this case, instructional technology.

We had a very satisfying and fruitful conversation. But now I cannot wait to call him (and the supe) in the morning and ask some questions I hadn’t thought to ask.

The IS guy, a former teacher and very early adopter and innovator, is up to speed, I’m sure (he attended NECC), and we talked about board reports that dealt with concepts rather than out-of-context departmental activities, and all the things that lie ahead for the district and the kids. But since this afternoon’s edublog net surf ending with 2 Cents Worth, I realize that the board has no clue about what’s ahead in terms of the uses of 2.0 ed tech, and if we don’t get up to speed ourselves, we will fail our kids.

We board members all have laptops, a few PDAs, and cell phones all around, but I guess that’s Modern Life 1.0. Maybe 0.5. Wish us luck.

Here’s the video on YouTube that got me fired up. It’s called Did You Know 2.0 . Thanks for the heads-up, David!


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