In the News

Here are some recent news articles related to student achievement that I’ve found of interest — with brief commentary, and, I hope, something for everyone…

Award Winning Education Policy Blog

The rubber meets the road in the classroom, but education policy is where the vehicle is assembled. RSS feed is available for those of you interested in thoughtful opinion on educational policy in the US. Education Policy Blog

Here’s an article from ASCD Blogwatch that offers a description of the award-winning policy blog and some context.

Lest We Forget…

Excessive TV viewing does not lead to the development of engaged and skillful learners. Here’s yet another warning from The Seattle Times.

Competition and Learning Go Together for Boys

I used to have my eighth grade social studies classes play Trashball — a wastebasket version of basketball — as an alternative to Jeopardy-type learning games because there was always more movement and excitement. Class average test performance went up when we played, and even the principal, whose office back door was directly across from my classroom, didn’t seem to mind the noise that accompanied the learning dynamics.

The Detroit Free Press talks about how competition stimulates learning for boys. Some good lessons here!

Improved Working Memory = Greater Student Achievement

Here’s Swedish company that has developed a research-based video game to improve working memory in children with Attention Deficit Disorder. They will soon open a Chicago office to serve North America and release a version for adults, as well.

The article in the Chicago Tribune is no longer free, but go to the CogMed web site for more details. Looks promising!

And here’s one for The Science Goddess…

Dads Influence Daughters’ Attraction to Math & Science

A 13-year longitudinal study from the University of Michigan shows that home environment, especially Dad’s attitude, plays a big role in a daughter’s attraction to math and science. You will think twice about the toys you buy for your kids after you read this article from Science Daily Magazine.

2 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Very cool! Thanks for the tip.

    My dad was a real research scientist, but I certainly didn’t go that route. 🙂

    From what I hear from people I know in the biotech industry in Seattle, the glass ceiling is still alive and well. Many women who start in the sciences get out because of this.

  2. I’m not a fan of the glass ceiling in any profession. (My mother broke one at the phone company [Bell] in the 1970s.) To hear about those limits in science professions really hacks me off, just like this article about how the US Supreme Court recently gave the nod to employers to, yet again, mess with women.

    Still, you did wind up in science, right? 😉

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