Where’s the Flak?

If you read my recent posts about what a superintendent is worth to a school district, you may have gotten the impression that I was over preparing for a big ration of criticism both at our monthly board meeting and in the press. Well, I was.

Aside from two nasty letters the week before our meeting from people whom I consider uninformed, there hasn’t been a peep about our raising his salary significantly. The usual anti-tax whackos are silent and nobody at all showed up at the board meeting to contest our decision last Tuesday night.

When I got back from the river canyon yesterday and got my mind running again, I asked my wife for copies of the local papers I had missed. They were handy right there in the recycling bin. The big urban paper’s Metro section (Thursday) regularly features our county, and there was a nicely written article by the reporter who attended out meeting. I had given her a copy of the statement I read during the discussion on the motion to offer the supe a new contract, and explained that I was taking off for nirvana and wouldn’t be available for a quote should she consider me worthy.

Apparently I saved the urban reporter a bunch of time, because she managed to work in one unattributed statement and two attributed statements from a shorter version of What’s a Superintendent Worth 2. The local paper, much smaller, came out a day later. Fortunately, that reporter, who had to go to a wedding Tuesday evening (small town, right) and got my text emailed from the board secretary wisely decided not to use it because it was the basis of the larger paper’s article. The local reporter quoted three other board members who all agreed that the supe was worth it. (It was a unanimous vote, 7-0)

It’s almost a week later and there’s still no blowback. I’ll soon relax my guard and go back to the normal transparent and collaborative board activities I’ve become accustomed to, but hey, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get ya. 😉


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