Back in the Saddle

Had a great — for so many reasons — visit to the river canyon . I’m always reluctant to leave. On the drive home, I was already planning the next trip. Next weekend my son is taking my wife, my sister, and two other ladies whitewater rafting through some wild and scenic water that I rowed there back in the eighties. Two back-to-back days of sheer outdoor pleasure.

In a number of my maiden posts here, I’ve said, “I’m spoiled.” Maybe I should change the name of this blog to I’m Spoiled. I’m not kidding. Besides all the bedrock, basic stuff I have to be thankful for, I can look at the nightmares other board of ed members face and thank some higher power that we have our supe, not this one…

Which leads me to thoughts about fate, turning points, educable moments, flashes of insight, unexpected coincidence, and unanticipated satisfaction. Mainly, how did I come to start a blog – an edublog at that – when a year ago I didn’t know what a blog was?

Last month I was researching what appeared to be (and was) an absolute grading travesty for a sophomore biology student at Sissonville High School near Charleston, West Virginia. After appeals to the teacher, the principal, and all the way up the line, the student and her parents sued the teacher and the district. (This is a forthcoming topic for RepairKit.)

Google turned up a number of conversations about Sissonville, the most balanced of which were on a blog called What It’s Like On the Inside by The Science Goddess. I read her posts beyond the grading conversation, and just plain got hooked on the combination of education insight, experience, and good writing.

From that point I learned that Blogger is free and here I are.

Today SG posted a hugely valuable piece for blogging newbies (like yours truly) that confirmed some of my thinking and put forth some ideas that had never touched my mind. The many links provide more treasure. Thanks, SG.


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Yer quite welcome. It’s straight from the heart.

    Thanks to you also for the link! I feel like the kid who just learned about the kind teacher’s high academic expectations…thrilled and a tad anxious. 🙂

    Since you’re in a teaching mode today, may I ask how you get those little picture windows to pop up every time the cursor glides over a link? They look pretty handy.

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