Checkin’ In

After a great riverside dinner with the wind gently blowing the heat on down the river canyon, I’m at a loaned computer, beer in hand, to say, “Wish you were here!”

Maybe I’ll come out of my reverie tomorrow long enough to string some thoughts together that don’t have to do with relocating my wife and life to this river canyon!


4 thoughts on “Checkin’ In

  1. Yesterday, Thursday, June 21, I broke my vow to post daily. Serious thoughts don’t seem to exist here in the canyon…

    Anyway, I jumped on the computer this morning with the intention of erasing the June 20 “filler” post, and find that I can’t blow it away without being rude to a cherished visitor. By far, the most serious dilemma I have faced here in paradise since I let go of my fly rod after slipping on a rock and going for a fully clothed swim (save myself or the fly rod?).

    Naturally, I saved the fly rod and so, reluctantly, I’ll save this post just to say, “Hi SG! nice to see ya!”

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