Bizzy Day!

All days are busy, aren’t they. Especially after you retire! I didn’t used to need a PDA when I was teaching, just my plan book and a monthly calendar of school affairs. My wife is the social secretary. (Told you I am spoiled.)

I’m traveling to that beautiful canyon (above right) tomorrow and I haven’t finished packing, ergo this quick note.

My sweet wife took my Mom to dinner tonight, Mom’s choice. Sis and I had civic obligations, so my better half carried the ball (and we had celebrated Saturday).

Tonight we (the board of ed) passed the supe’s contract unanimously and I read my post below into the record for the “skeptics” (read “uninformed,” still another euphemism).

I’ll stay in touch while out in the canyon, but it might be some more quick notes. And it might not be anything because I tend to float out there, not just on the river, but spiritually.

In fact, now that I think about it, I’ll be back on the weekend, late Sunday. Spiritual vacation time. 😀


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