Father’s Day

I’m spoiled.

My 22 year-old son called to wish me well, and my wife let me sleep in (I got myself up at 9:50 AM after having pushed the limit till 2 AM this morning), made me coffee and a great cheese and veggie omlette, and she did ALL the dishes (normally, that’s my job).

Then she went for a bike ride to leave me stress-free for the day. I have two Eddie Bauer t-shirts and a golf shirt coming by mail, and we got each other really nice patio furniture for our 28th (!) anniversary Friday.

This afternoon I worked on my business web site, got some beer and peanuts, and now I’m going to read of few pages of my latest thriller. 🙂

This evening we’ll celebrate our anniversary, Father’s Day, and my Mom’s birthday (she’ll be 83 Tuesday and still goes to the real estate office and sells homes!).

I love my family. Life is good. Today’s for smelling the roses.

PS: Back home now… at my Mom’s house, my sis (who is another teacher) served champagne before dinner, then steak, broccoli, carrots, baked potato, French and garlic bread, a great red wine that had no sulfite, and a salad that included my favorite healthy greens, avocados, and fresh local tomatoes, with choice of dressings. My wife hand-cranked vanilla bean soft ice cream and we had it with her home-baked bundt cake and local strawberries for desert, with Kona coffee. Cards and presents all around. I’m not lying.

Like I said, I’m spoiled.


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. What a great surprise to see someone other than classmates posting! It was great to hear your encouraging words, since most of the negativity I hear is from teachers (go figure). This is a class project that I hope to continue even after the class ends. Please continue to drop in and leave me messages. Your experience, I’m sure, will prove to be beneficial!!! I hope to graduate next fall and work in middle school, everyone says I’m crazy for choosing that age group, but I love them. They’re challenging!

    I wanted to thank you for dropping in. Your Father’s Day entry cracked me up.

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